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Polymer Acrylic Compound

Polymer Acrylic Compound
Polymer Acrylic Compound
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Product Code : 10
Product Description
White liquid acrylic Polymer admixture for waterproof coating, bonding agent, repair-mass-in-fill
and non-shrink polymer cement grout system.
Colour : Bluish White / milky liquid polymer.
Density : 1.05+ .02 kg / litre.
Bond Strength : 2 times more than normal cement slurry coating.
Water proofing : 10 times higher than the normal cement slurry and
mortar under same workability and curing.
Minimum film forming : ‘5’0C.
Water proof and damp proof coating in the form of cement slurry / cement mortar.
As a bonding agent on cold / construction joints.
Concrete repair as a patching mortar.
Protective layer for cementitious surface.
Injection into concrete / rock structures in the form of cement slurry.
As a mortar or slurry coating for better resistant to chemical attack.
Excellent bonding properties.
Exceptionally high waterproof system.
Improved resistant to abrasion and chemical attack.
Resilient hardened film of mortar.
Resistant to static cracks.
Allow concrete to breathe.
Highly durable under exposure to UV rays.
Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Non-flammable.
Surface should be sound, clean and free from oils, grease, dirt/dusts and other surface
contaminants. Mortar polymer composite can be applied by trowel and waterproof coating by
Prepared surface should be thoroughly dampened with water preferably over night before any
c) Bonding coat between two courses of concrete / mortar
O.P.C. = 1.75 kg. Zone III Sand = 1.75 kg. “brix CRETE” : 1lt.
Mix to a smooth consistency and they apply by brush. Within 5 minutes of application start placing
the concrete over it and compact the mass as usual within 45 minutes. Critical Cold joints /
construction joints are not only be well bonded but also will not give rise to any future water
leakage. 4.5 kg of mixed material will cover around 2.20m2 to 2.50m2 in single coat, which is
recommended. The pouring of new concrete / mortar should be completed within 45 minutes of
Bond Coat application.
d) Repair Mortar
O.P.C. = 6 kg. Zone II Sand = 15 kg. Brix CRETE liquid polymer: 2 lt.
Such 23 kg mixed material will provide coverage around 1.3m2 to 1.7m2 in two coats depending
upon surface texture porosity. Thickness varies from
0.8 to 1 mm.
e) Heavy-duty floor topping
O.P.C. = 3 kg. Zone II Sand = 5 kg. Brix CRETE: 1 lt.
Such 9 kg mixed material will cover about 0.80 to 1.0 m2 surface of 4 to 5 mm thickness.
f) Exterior Plaster
O.P.C. = 50 kg. Zone II Sand = 150 kg. (Passing 2.36 mm sieve) brix CRETE = 5 lt.
Water = 10 to 12 lt.
Yield = 0.09 m3
Coverage = 4.50 to 4.80m2 for 20mm plaster
g) Injection grouting
O.P.C. = 3 kg. Brix CRETE = 1 lt. Brix Grout mix = 30 gm.
h) Adhesive-mortar for tiles, glass, brick etc.
O.P.C. = 3 kg. Zone III sand = 6 kg. Brix CRETE = 1.40 lt.
Such 10.40-kg mixed material will cover around 1.5m2 to 2.00m2. Thickness is about 3 mm.


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